Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Homeopathic Medicines

How to Select and Use Homeopathic Medicines

The following is a Self-Treatment Guide and which relates to those ailments which are usually treated at home. However, It is strongly recommended that if symptoms are chronic, serious or prolonged then the person should go to a qualified homeopath.

So, let’s start of the process of Selection and Usage of Homeopathic Medicines.

NOTE:- Be patient and follow the guidelines as mentioned below

* Maintaining A Complete Record: - Keep a diary/note-book/journal and start noting down your main symptoms and also in a condensed format with details of Date, Day, Time and Symptoms.

*Way of Writing: - Start jotting down the same in a tabular or paragraph form whichever suits you the best.

*Study yourself: -Start knowing yourself better, Never forget that you are the best person who can tell about yourself.

*Selection of Medicine: - Understanding yourself and your symptoms will bring you to the conclusion of choosing that medicine which closely matches your symptoms.

*No Experience Required:- You need not to have experience of ALL symptoms listed under a medicine nor need to exhibit all the likes or dislikes mentioned.

*Do the Simplest of ALL: - Simple try to match up with the set of symptoms most similar to yours.

*Treatment of Simple Ailments:- When treating simple, everyday ailments it is recommended that the 6th potency is used. This is the potency which is most easily available from your local pharmacy or health food store.

*Frequency of Dosage:- In acute conditions repeat the one drop dose ie; for example a medicine named Aconite is given in the early stages of a sudden cold and after exposure to cold wind and in brief change of whether conditions from hot to cold and the Dosage is suggested to be repeated 3 to 4 times every 15 minutes one drop of Aconite in this case is given to the patient direct on his tongue and the medicine is recommended to be purchased from a pharmasist with 200 CH as the potency and Shwabe India as the company name manufactured in Noida also alternative company option is Germany based products with same potency.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Homeopathic Approach


It is a scientific and friendly approach having healing powers of medicine.

"Homeopathy" is a scientific and human therapeutic method ie; having healing powers of medicine, as much open to scientific and technical progress as to the listening to the patient. It privileges prevention.

This approach looks at:-

*Listening the patient and taking a complete case study of his past and present medical history.
*Analysing his prevailing problems and prescribing him medications accordingly.
*Knowing a person and his problems and then curing him completely.

Only one medicine exists,
the one that combines scientific knowledge with careful listening and observation of the patient in his specificity.
"Holistic medicine" ie; which is Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts has to individualise each patient, not only homeopathy.Without personal examination of a patient a doctor should not choose a certain treatment or a certain therapeutic method but should take into account, each time and in each case, the state of his knowledge about each treatment and the should be specific about the patient and his case study records.

The choice of a homeopathic drug involves much more through :-

"Individualisation" than that of an antibiotic, for example. Once the diagnosis of the disease is made, once homeopathy is chosen as the treatment, the doctor has to search for the drug or drugs that specifically correspond to his patient in this disease. Each individual develops "his own" flu, "his own" sore throat, "his own" eczema, that is, he will develop symptoms and modalities that are personal and that the doctor has to take into account in order to be able to choose a specific homeopathic drug.

Important TRUTH About HOMEOPATHY:-

It is also true that the same homeopathic drugs are systematically used for certain symptoms or diseases, well beyond any principle of individualisation. That means two or more drugs are there in homeopathy for the same cure but, depending upon the principle ofindividualisation ie; varying from person to person or patient to patient.

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